How to use WalletConnect to Interact with Dapps via Orange Wallet

WalletConnect is an open-source protocol that enables a mobile wallet to easily connect to decentralized web applications, and interact with them from your phone.

Using WalletConnect, users can carry out transactions without divulging any personal information, making WalletConnect safer compared to browser extensions. WalletConnect does this via its Mobile Linking feature that allows DApps to interact with mobile wallet apps.

Here’s how to Access the DeFi Space with Wallet Connect via Orange Wallet :

  1. Download Orange Wallet App : If haven’t done yet, download & install Orange Wallet app on your phone and then open it.
  2. Open up the dAPP you want to connect to : Open your browser and visit the website of the application that you want to use; For this tutorial we will use pancakeswap.
  3. Click on Connect to Wallet : Almost every web Dapps will have a “Connect to a wallet” button, click that button.

Now you’ll a lot of different options for connecting your wallet. Simply Click Wallet Connect.

4. QR Code: You’ll now see a QR Code.

5. Open Orange Wallet & Scan QR: Open Orange Wallet app, Tap on the Scan Icon on the top right.

Now you’ll see the camera screen to Scan the QR code.

Once you’ve scanned the QR code, a pop-up will appear in your wallet.

Select the Network on which you want to connect and tap Approve to give the DApp permission to interact with your wallet.

6. Connected: You are now connected.

Some Dapps will require that you confirm transactions in your wallet, in such a case a request with the transaction detail will appear on the screen and you will be able to approve or reject it.

Make sure you disconnect your wallet from a DApp when you’re finished.

About Orange Wallet

Orange Wallet is the first Cross-chain focused mobile wallet, aiming to provide access to DeFi, NFT, IDOs, and DAOs across most if not all EVM-based chains. We are simplifying the whole DeFi experience by rewriting the UI of every protocol they integrate.

We are aiming to make the Cross-chain DeFi and NFT experience so seamless that users will not even realize they are using multiple chains.

Orange Wallet is built to bring the power of DeFi at your fingertips, Download Now.

About Wallet Connect

WalletConnect is an open protocol to communicate securely between Wallets and Dapps (Web3 Apps). The protocol establishes a remote connection between two apps and/or devices using a Bridge server to relay payloads.

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Orange Wallet Team

Orange Wallet Team

The first Cross-chain mobile wallet, aiming to provide access to DeFi, NFT, IDOs, and DAOs